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Dragonfly Energy Expands Leadership Team

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Dragonfly Energy Appoints John Marchetti as CFO, Wade Seaburg as Director of Business Development & Outside Sales, and Ryan Hopkins as Director of Engineering & Automation

RENO, NEVADA, September 22, 2021 – Dragonfly Energy Corp. (“Dragonfly Energy” or the “Company”), a technology company providing industry-leading lithium-ion batteries for clean energy storage, announced today the appointment of three additions to its growing leadership team. John Marchetti has joined the Company as Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”), Wade Seaburg as Director of Business Development & Outside Sales, and Ryan Hopkins as Director of Engineering & Automation. The addition of these three essential team members is an important milestone for the Company as it continues to execute its strategic growth initiatives.

Since 2016, Dragonfly Energy has been one of America’s fastest-growing lithium-ion battery technology companies. Proudly designing, engineering and assembling all of its products in the USA, the Company provides environmentally safe, high performance, and maintenance-free clean energy storage solutions. Dragonfly Energy’s lithium-ion batteries significantly outperform legacy lead-acid batteries with up to 10x longer life, 3x more power, 5x higher energy density, and 5x faster charging. Currently focused on the Recreational Vehicle (“RV”), Marine and Off-Grid markets, the Company sells its products to original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”), distributors, and direct to consumer under the Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born Batteries brands. Through a multi-pronged marketing strategy supported by unmatched customer service, the Company has revolutionized how consumers think about and utilize deep-cycle lithium-ion batteries.

“I am proud of the company that Sean Nichols and I have built and now we are at an inflection point in the business,” said Dragonfly Co-Founder and CEO Denis Phares.  “As we embark on the next phase of growth, rounding out our leadership team is critical. We are extremely pleased to welcome these new team members, who will enable Dragonfly to expand its existing business, enter new markets and accelerate the development of new technologies. We are one step closer to becoming the first vertically integrated American solid-state lithium-ion battery manufacturer and realizing our ultimate vision of using safe and affordable storage to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.”

Bringing over 20 years of experience in the technology and financial services industries, John Marchetti will serve as a key member of the leadership team of Dragonfly Energy leading corporate finance and investor relations. Prior to joining Dragonfly Energy, Mr. Marchetti was most recently a Managing Director and senior research analyst at Stifel, focused on applied technologies, including advanced battery technologies. Mr. Marchetti previously served as the Chief Strategy Officer of Fabrinet, where he enabled growth and diversification through innovative go-to-market strategies and developed effective investor relations. Earlier, he was a senior equity analyst at Cowen & Co. and Morgan Stanley.

“My career has been about identifying and working with exciting and innovative technology companies,” said Marchetti. “I have been extremely impressed by Dragonfly Energy and the company that Denis and Sean have built. I’m excited to join the Dragonfly team and I look forward to helping lead the company through this exciting new growth phase in the next-generation battery market.”

Wade Seaburg is a well-respected and recognized RV and Marine industry veteran. Prior to joining Dragonfly Energy, Mr. Seaburg was the Founder and President of Structure Sales focused on representing industry-leading suppliers to OEMs in the RV and Marine markets. Over the past four years, Mr. Seaburg has worked closely with Dragonfly Energy and is a natural fit to help the Company find success in new and existing end markets. Earlier, Mr. Seaburg held various sales leadership positions at WESCO Distribution and Eaton Electrical.

“I was proud to accept the offer to join the team at Dragonfly Energy. We are changing the way people can use the great products the OEM’s manufacture,” Seaburg said. “The fact that we are able to manufacture our batteries here in the United States, and build the safest, highest quality products on the market is a compelling reason to partner with us. I look forward to leading the business development initiatives and growing our outside sales team as we expand into new markets.”

Ryan Hopkins is one of the nation’s leading automation engineers and will be responsible for developing and enhancing the Company’s manufacturing and assembly processes. During his career, Mr. Hopkins has developed over 20 patents and worked with almost every major company developing electronic encapsulation systems and solutions. Prior to joining Dragonfly Energy, Mr. Hopkins served as Principal Engineer at Hamilton Company, a medical robotics company, where he automated multiple quality inspection systems and was responsible for designing, building, and programming the automation used to manufacture the majority of pipette tips used for completing millions of COVID-19 tests around the globe.

“It is exciting to be a part of a company where I have a direct impact on the general public and a beneficial impact on the planet.  Here at Dragonfly Energy, the technology we are developing and automating for the next generation of Lithium-ion batteries will aid society toward a greener and cleaner future.”

About Dragonfly Energy Corp.

Dragonfly Energy Corp. is a Reno, Nevada-based technology company that researches, develops, assembles and distributes the most advanced and efficient lithium-ion energy storage products on the market. The Company is revolutionizing the industry through innovative technologies and manufacturing processes and offers its products under the Dragonfly Energy and Battle Born Batteries brands. Utilizing sustainable, non-toxic chemistry, Dragonfly Energy is making green, renewable energy available to everyone. For more information, please visit www.dragonflyenergy.com or www.battlebornbatteries.com.

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