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Professional Angler Darius Arberry Competes with the Advantage of Battle Born Batteries

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With more than 25 years of professional fishing under his belt, Darius Arberry has learned many tactics that help ensure a successful day of tournament fishing. While proper preparation, choosing the right rods and lures, and strategic practice days are important, reliable power has been the lifeline of Darius’s success. After switching the game-changing power of Battle Born Batteries, Darius gained confidence and peace of mind to fish all day long, no matter what the weather brings. Below he shares some of the primary benefits of upgrading his bass boat from lead acid to Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries.

Darius Arberry Fishes from Sunrise to Sunset

Professional Angler Darius Arberry Fishing

Life as a professional bass angler is all about controlling as many variables as you can. This gives you confidence when you encounter the uncontrollable. Gaining the peace of mind that comes from reliable power has been a complete game-changer. I’m very fortunate to be partnered with Battle Born Batteries, which manufactures the highest quality lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries on the market!

Without a doubt, my 3 – 100 Ah 12V Battle Born Batteries are the pinnacle of deep-cycle lithium-ion battery technology! They are wired in series to comprise a 36V system for my 2023 Ranger 520R Bass boat. This allows me to maintain the top speed of my Ghost trolling motor all day long. With my current setup, I can cover miles of shoreline during my day on the water without ever worrying about not having enough power to fish from sunrise to sunset!

A Lifeline in Unpredictable Conditions

These batteries are the lifeblood of my operation, and without them, I’m not able to fish. I’m a firm believer in having the maximum amount of power for my boat, and these 3 – 100Ah batteries are my security blanket. Before getting Battle Born Batteries, conserving power was always my number one concern. During my competition days, I never knew if I would have enough power to sustain my tournament day.

Professional Angler Darius Arberry Tournament Fishing

If the weather suddenly changed from calm to extremely windy, I would immediately go into conservation mode to save battery power. The wind forces you to use more power to maintain your boat speed and proper boat positioning. This would undoubtedly affect the patterns that I had originally planned to fish. Lucky for me, I don’t have to worry about having battery anxiety ever again! That scenario has been eliminated with my Battle Born lithium-ion batteries.

Darius Arberry Gains Peace of Mind with Reliable Power

An additional benefit of using Battle Born Batteries is their extremely fast rate of charge. My batteries can be completely charged in under 4 hours after a full day of tournament fishing! When I was using lead acid batteries, I was worried about having enough time to charge between tournament days. The lead acid batteries required a much longer period of time to charge. In most cases, 12-14 hours of charging lead acid batteries would result in an 80-90% charge. My Battle Born Batteries are capable of charging to 100% in a fraction of the time!

Another aspect that really deserves to be discussed is weight reduction. On average, Battle Born Batteries are 1/5th the weight of a traditional lead acid battery when matching the same usable capacity. A significant reduction of weight in my boat equals greater fuel efficiency, faster acceleration, and top-end speed.

Professional Angler Darius Arberry Driving His Bass Boat

The Advantage of Switching to Battle Born Batteries

During my fishing season, any advantage over my competitors can translate into a few more fish in the boat. Battle Born Batteries gives me that advantage. They also offer an outstanding customer & technical support team, a 10-year warranty, and free shipping in the lower 48 states. I couldn’t recommend a better power source.

Professional Angler Darius Arberry Holding up 2 Bass

In closing, having Battle Born Batteries in my boat is a tremendous advantage. They benefit me in all aspects of tournament fishing! If you’re a recreational fisherman or professional angler and in the market for your next set of batteries, take advantage of all of the benefits Battle Born Batteries will offer you! These batteries will definitely help you ◦ Get You Out There! ◦ And Stay Out There!

Keep up with Darius Arberry and his latest angling tournaments by following him on Instagram and Facebook!

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