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Battle Born Batteries offers high-quality, reliable, and trusted LiFePO4 batteries.

Prioritizing Customer-First Solutions

At Battle Born Batteries, we’re not just about cutting edge technology, we’re about supporting our customers every step of the way. 

Elevating Reliable, Trusted Power

Experience the future of energy storage with unmatched product quality and reliability from Battle Born Batteries.

Powering Adventures Around the Globe

We’re dedicated to providing top-quality lithium batteries that will outlast any adventure and power any application. 

Battle Born Batteries

Quality, Trusted, Reliable Lithium Batteries
  • American Assembly Facility
  • Highest Customer-Rated Battery*
  • Self-Heated Options Available on All Models
  • Flag Terminals for Increased Connectivity
  • Over 260,000 Batteries in the Field
  • 925 for 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 Battery

Expion 360

Lithium Batteries
  • cross Imported Products
  • - - -
  • cross No Self-Heated Battery Alternatives
  • cross M8 Bolt Terminals
  • - - -
  • 1,098 for 100Ah 12V LiFePO4 Battery

*Based on comparable 100Ah LiFePO4 products on Amazon.com with min. 100 reviews as of 6/6/23.​

Hear It From Our Customers

Those Who Power Their Lifestyles With Battle Born

Timan E.
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Lithium batteries are common place now and Battle Born Batteries are the best. It’s not about price but rather quality of construction. These batteries are tough. We needed some assistance, called them up and Mathew took care of us. We rely on these batteries and love them.
Ron C.
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I tell you what, [Battle Born Batteries] and these batteries, are top notch.
Nick C.
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I would leave 10 Stars if I could. Every few years or so you get service that goes so far above and beyond what was expected you wish you could do more than just leave a five-star review.
Stephanie H.
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I recently purchased a travel trailer, and for a variety of reasons, I went straight for a Battle Born battery. One of the greatest purchases I made for my camper!
Chip L.
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What a great experience dealing with the crew at Battle Born. They were very helpful with my transition to lithium batteries!
Bridgett M.
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Battle Born Batteries has extremely helpful staff, and a great product. The batteries are the gift that keeps on giving!
Kelsey L.
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5 stars for the team at Battle Born. Absolute BEST service here. Super special shoutout to Nolan in tech support. He is BEYOND helpful (not to mention kind and patient). I'd post his extension, but I'm secretly hoarding it to myself. Great team, great support, great products. You'll be well taken care of here!
Jeanne N.
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The 2 Battle Born, 100Ah, GC2 LiFePO4 Heated Batteries we purchased for our small Roadtrek RV are fantastic! They fit nicely in a very small battery compartment with a height adjustment to the cover. And they made an immediate difference in providing a good source of electrical juice.
Charles H.
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When I decided to pursue the full-time RV lifestyle with half of my time boon docking, I understood that building a robust power system would be instrumental to my success. After researching for many hours, i decided to go with Battle Born. Their products are working great and they give me confidence when I venture off the grid.
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Battle Born's customer service, equipment, and tech support is TOP NOTCH.

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*Contiguous U.S.


Through Affirm.


On all batteries.


Located in the USA.

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Your Lithium-Ion Batteries?

We prioritize quality, long-term performance, and lifetime support over short-term cost savings, providing the industry’s top choice for reliable lithium power.

Our team of Technical Sales Specialists are available to answer any questions, help build out the right lithium power system for your needs, and provide exceptional technical and customer support.

Battle Born. Built on Quality
Battle Born. Built on Quality
Dragonfly Energy headquarters in Reno, Nevada

Proud American Company

With Domestic Assembly & Extensive QC Processes

Dragonfly Energy headquarters in Reno, Nevada
Dragonfly Energy headquarters in Reno, Nevada
Dragonfly Energy headquarters in Reno, Nevada

Lifetime Customer Service

And In-House Technical Support

Dragonfly Energy headquarters in Reno, Nevada
Dragonfly Energy headquarters in Reno, Nevada

Battery Innovation Redefined | Experience the future of energy storage with Battle Born Batteries. Our innovative approach to quality and unmatched reliability ensures your power system is always up to the challenge.

Quality Over Compromise | Our commitment to quality, durability, and reliability ensures your energy requirements are fulfilled without question.

Powering Peace of Mind | Choose Battle Born Batteries for more than just power. We offer industry-leading technical support from purchase to installation. Experience why our customer trust us for their power system needs. 

Full System Integrators | With our expert sales team, we are able to fit your marine vessel, RV, cabin, or custom application with all the necessary components and products to help you live completely off the grid.

Trusted By Top Brands.
Powering These Rigs.

What Are You Looking To Power?


RVs give you all of the comforts of home on four wheels. Whether you’re enjoying a weekend at your favorite campground, traveling cross country, or using your RV as a permanent residence, Battle Born Batteries can help you optimize your RV experience.

Trolling Motor

Many have used lead-acid or poor lithium alternative batteries with their trolling motors but run into issues with their weight, low-capacity capabilities, and the fact that they do not perform well in extreme conditions. Battle Born makes these issues obsolete!


From a classic Westfalia to a modern Sprinter, vans have the ability to handle and maneuver comfortably, making them the perfect choice for the minimalist traveler, weekend warrior, or seasoned full-timer. Interested in hearing more about this unique lifestyle?