What Our Customers Say

Our batteries have attracted people from all walks of life, ranging from off-grid ranch owners to bass anglers. We take pride in knowing that our customers don’t just want our products, they want to be part of the Battle Born family. On this page you’ll find people who have shared their stories on who they are, what they do, and where they are from. Our batteries have helped people accomplish their boondocking dreams and get rid of their battery anxiety.

EXPLORIST.life Shows a Start-to-Finish DIY Lithium Electrical Install in a Camper Van 

Nate and Steph Yarbrough specialize in teaching people how to build the DIY camper of their dreams through their business, EXPLORIST.life. Initially, their “explorist” lifestyle started when they began a life of full-time travel in an RV and then later transitioned into a Sprinter van. As they shared their travels on social media, Nate and […]

7 Essentials to Put on Your Overland Gear List

Overlanding can be a scenic, thrilling time with your friends and family. But it can also be a potentially dangerous nightmare if you’re unprepared. Having the right gear is the first step toward avoiding unpleasant situations and keeping things fun for everyone. So what should you make sure to bring on your next overlanding trip? […]

Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Gutted’ Show

What’s more impressive than a one-of-a-kind build of an RV, van, or skoolie? Doing it in just a few days, while thousands watch the process live as a TV crew films! That’s the core of the “Gutted” event and show, which is getting set for its second year. So what do you need to know […]

5 Best Overland Routes in the US for Beginners

Overlanding in the US is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder! With all the vast public land and amazing overland routes around, there’s a reason why locals and visitors alike are flocking to these beautiful rural areas. But what if you’re new to overlanding and don’t want to risk getting in over your head? […]

Pro Angler, Miles Burghoff Boondocks in His Lance 975 Truck Camper

How does professional angler, Miles Burghoff go from bass tournament to tournament? By boondocking in his 2019 Lance 975 Truck Camper. Miles weighs in on his experience boondocking without sacrificing comfort and where he stays while on the road.   When I bought my Lance 975 truck camper in 2019, I knew my lifestyle on […]

How Do You Set Up a Dual Battery System?

If you want to venture off the beaten path, you might want to consider a dual battery setup. This could be in an overland vehicle, boat, or RV. After all, having reliable battery power when you’re miles away from civilization can be crucial. Relying on your engine battery alone is risky and can even cause […]

Tails of Wanderlust is Trekking Across the United States with Battle Born Batteries

After growing tired of spending her days in a corporate cubicle, Cass Beach was ready for a lifestyle change. She accepted a remote job and started her dream of traveling around the United States. Cass quickly fell in love with her nomadic lifestyle and never looked back. Five years of full-time travel later, and Cass […]

5 Best Benefits of an FMCA Membership for RVers

There are quite a few RV discount clubs and memberships out there, so it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. One offers not only discount savings but also roadside assistance, emergency assistance, and access to professionals dedicated to helping RVers travel comfortably and safely. Let’s look at the benefits of an […]

Engineers Do Van Life with Battle Born Batteries

Eric Sauer and Colby Triolo quickly realized that the 9-5 corporate grind was not the life they wanted. Despite their love for their careers as engineers, they knew there had to be more to life than spending their days inside at work. They decided to take their life and their careers on the road by […]

Thai Burger Company

Peri Thitathan and his wife Pang had always dreamt of starting their own food business. After being inspired by the freedom of a food truck and the desire to bring authentic Thai flavors to America, they started Thai Burger Company. With an Americanized twist on Thai classics, Peri and Pang are disrupting the food and […]

Willa the Airstream Wanders Off-Grid with Battle Born Batteries

Sean and Kristy Fouts decided to upgrade their outdoor adventures when they purchased their Airstream, Willa, in 2019. Now with a home on wheels, the Fouts and their adventure pup Lili love heading out on weekend adventures in search of scenic views and wildlife encounters. With a goal to visit every National Park in the […]

James McCaleb

After watching bowfishing on a local outdoor channel, James McCaleb took a bowfishing arrow, a piece of string, and his hunting bow and learned how to bowfish. James’ makeshift bow introduced him to the adrenaline rush of the sport and led to a lifelong passion for bowfishing. Nearly two decades later, James and his wife […]

7 Awesome Places We Love for Boondocking in Utah

With all of its natural beauty and public land, Utah is one of the best states for boondocking. Anyone who’s ever been to the Beehive State knows there’s no shortage of free camping opportunities across its 54 million+ acres. But where exactly can you park your RV for free? And how do you prepare for […]

Sailing Swift

Morgan and Melanie Finley developed a deep love for the open ocean early in their marriage that they wanted to share with their daughters. After realizing how quickly the girls were growing up, the Finley’s bought a boat, dropped everything and set sail for a life at sea. Together this family of four tackles the […]

What Is a Solar Powered Air Conditioner?

Off-grid lifestyles are becoming more and more popular, but with hotter summers, lots of people ask a great question: How does one stay cool off-grid? Sure, it’s great to be disconnected from the grid but what happens when it’s 100 degrees outside?  This is where solar-powered air conditioners come in. They allow you and your […]

7 Best Off-Grid Boondocking Locations in Alaska

Hands down, Alaska is one of the best states for off-grid camping. And with 57.5 million acres of dedicated wilderness, there are countless free boondocking spots all around the state. But is it possible to boondock anywhere in Alaska? And how should you prepare for this wild adventure? In this article, we take a deep […]

Sage Mountain Charges Electric Vehicles Off-Grid with Battle Born Batteries

Nearly 30 years after they founded Sage Mountain Center, Christopher Borton and Linda Welsh continue to pioneer off-grid living. Their commitment to make a minimal impact on the environment and promote physical and mental health hasn’t wavered through the decades. As industry advancements make living off-grid easier with more complex technology, Sage Mountain is leading […]

5 Walk-Through Tours of Awesome Overland Vehicles

Adventure-seekers of all ages are outfitting their rigs to be as self-reliant as possible so they can go wherever their heart desires. But what are overland vehicles and how much do they cost? This article covers everything you need to know about this venture, including five epic overland vehicle tours. Let’s get started! What Is […]

John Cox Competes in MLF and Bassmaster Tournaments Powered by Battle Born Batteries

Professional bass angler, John Cox, has been competing in angling tournaments for nearly 25 years. He’s spent the last 12 as a full-time professional, first competing in Fishing League Worldwide (FLW)/Major League Fishing (MLF) and then joining the Bassmaster Elite series in 2019. He’s passionate about fishing and spends more days on the water than […]

Living the Van Life Takes Battle Born Lithium Batteries to -40 Degree Arctic

Just how cold can Battle Born Batteries get and still work? One popular YouTuber put them to the test by driving 2,600 miles to the Arctic Circle in February of 2022. Interested in how he survived and how his equipment fared? Keep reading to learn all about Living the Van Life and how you can […]

Martin and Julie Johnson’s Off-Grid Homestead with Battle Born Batteries

Almost two years ago, Martin and Julie Johnson purchased a 7-acre property in northern Idaho with the plan to build an off-grid homestead. While they haven’t finished yet, they have made immense progress in the completion of their home and are slowly becoming self-reliant. With the recent addition of a well and a solar and […]