What Our Customers Say

Our batteries have attracted people from all walks of life, ranging from off-grid ranch owners to bass anglers. We take pride in knowing that our customers don’t just want our products, they want to be part of the Battle Born family. On this page you’ll find people who have shared their stories on who they are, what they do, and where they are from. Our batteries have helped people accomplish their boondocking dreams and get rid of their battery anxiety.

Off-Grid Adventures in the AEONrv Powered by Battle Born Batteries

In search of a more capable camper van, Jim Ritchie and Lars Severin decided to create their own. With high quality components and build materials, Jim and Lars combined utility and luxury to create an RV unlike any other. Extensive off-road capabilities, a robust electrical system, and a small but spacious footprint make this the […]

5 Ways Lithium Batteries Aid in Off-Road Recovery

Every Overlander needs to be prepared to be stranded somewhere they don’t want to be, and this can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, you could get stuck in soft sand or mud, experience a mechanical failure, or even wake up to dead batteries one morning. What happens after this is called “off-road […]

Chase Gardner Chases the Stars with Battle Born Batteries

Engineer and aspiring Astro- and landscape photographer, Chase Gardner set out on a mission to create the perfect off-road vehicle for remote photography locations. In the process of turning his 2009 Lexus GX470 into this vehicle, Chase fell in love with the overland lifestyle and community. What began as a simple off-road vehicle transformation turned […]

Sean Silvera Rebuilds His Overland Rig with Battle Born Batteries

Sean Silvera is a yoga instructor and former marine with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. After surviving a 300ft fall, unscathed, in his newly built overland rig, he bounced back resiliently to build a new rig and get back on the road. With some upgrades and a new lease on life, Sean’s ready to get […]

Everything You Need to Know About Sema 2022

There are plenty of conventions, conferences, and other events for the auto industry and its related fields. But these days, it’s hard to beat the SEMA show when it comes to educational, business, and networking opportunities. Let’s look at everything you need to know about the upcoming SEMA 2022.  About the SEMA Show SEMA (short […]

Why You Should Attend CHASM Fest

Just a few weeks from now, a festival unlike any other will kick off in Arizona. It’s known as CHASM Fest, and while it focuses on RVers and others who live the nomadic life, it offers events and activities for all. Battle Born has sponsored the event, and we think you should check it out! […]

EXPLORIST.life Shows a Start-to-Finish DIY Lithium Electrical Install in a Camper Van 

Nate and Steph Yarbrough specialize in teaching people how to build the DIY camper of their dreams through their business, EXPLORIST.life. Initially, their “explorist” lifestyle started when they began a life of full-time travel in an RV and then later transitioned into a Sprinter van. As they shared their travels on social media, Nate and […]

Honor and Valor Outdoors

Andrew Zegers wanted to channel his passion for outdoor experiences into a way to give back to those who have served our country, so he joined Honor and Valor Outdoors. He and the other volunteers from the non-profit take veterans and active-duty service members on hunting and fishing outings to experience the joy of being […]

Living a Bucket List Life with Battle Born Batteries

Geoff and Jo Yunker were tired of being stuck working at home while longing to travel, so they picked up their work and their lives and hit the road. Despite a rocky start, the couple fell in love with traveling and their new daily freedom. Everyday they hope to live a “Bucket List Day” and […]

Boreas Campers

After traveling around the US living out of his RV, Matt Reichel realized that a true overland camper trailer was missing from the market. In search of the perfect rugged, off grid camper, Matt created his own in a one car garage on Boreas Pass Road in Colorado. Thus, Boreas Campers began, and Matt spent […]

7 Essentials to Put on Your Overland Gear List

Overlanding can be a scenic, thrilling time with your friends and family. But it can also be a potentially dangerous nightmare if you’re unprepared. Having the right gear is the first step toward avoiding unpleasant situations and keeping things fun for everyone. So what should you make sure to bring on your next overlanding trip? […]

Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Gutted’ Show

What’s more impressive than a one-of-a-kind build of an RV, van, or skoolie? Doing it in just a few days, while thousands watch the process live as a TV crew films! That’s the core of the “Gutted” event and show, which is getting set for its second year. So what do you need to know […]

5 Best Overland Routes in the US for Beginners

Overlanding in the US is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder! With all the vast public land and amazing overland routes around, there’s a reason why locals and visitors alike are flocking to these beautiful rural areas. But what if you’re new to overlanding and don’t want to risk getting in over your head? […]

Not a Regular Skoolie is Ready for Cold Canadian Winters with Battle Born Batteries

Gabi and Tyler loved the life they created for themselves in Ontario, Canada, but they were still searching for more. On a whim, Tyler suggested moving into a bus and, despite initial protest, Gabi fell in love with the idea and they purchased a retired school bus. Now, the couple is in the midst of […]

The Grateful Glamper Family Hits the Road with Battle Born Batteries

Ben, Charity, Dakota, and Trinity DeVries love spending time together as a family and traveling around the country. With their pup and two cats in tow, the DeVries take road trips in their class A motorhome in search of new sights and fun adventures. After 5 years of traveling, over 17 National Parks, and 47 […]

Pro Angler, Miles Burghoff Boondocks in His Lance 975 Truck Camper

How does professional angler, Miles Burghoff go from bass tournament to tournament? By boondocking in his 2019 Lance 975 Truck Camper. Miles weighs in on his experience boondocking without sacrificing comfort and where he stays while on the road.   When I bought my Lance 975 truck camper in 2019, I knew my lifestyle on […]

How Do You Set Up a Dual Battery System?

If you want to venture off the beaten path, you might want to consider a dual battery setup. This could be in an overland vehicle, boat, or RV. After all, having reliable battery power when you’re miles away from civilization can be crucial. Relying on your engine battery alone is risky and can even cause […]

Tails of Wanderlust is Trekking Across the United States with Battle Born Batteries

After growing tired of spending her days in a corporate cubicle, Cass Beach was ready for a lifestyle change. She accepted a remote job and started her dream of traveling around the United States. Cass quickly fell in love with her nomadic lifestyle and never looked back. Five years of full-time travel later, and Cass […]

5 Best Benefits of an FMCA Membership for RVers

There are quite a few RV discount clubs and memberships out there, so it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. One offers not only discount savings but also roadside assistance, emergency assistance, and access to professionals dedicated to helping RVers travel comfortably and safely. Let’s look at the benefits of an […]

Engineers Do Van Life with Battle Born Batteries

Eric Sauer and Colby Triolo quickly realized that the 9-5 corporate grind was not the life they wanted. Despite their love for their careers as engineers, they knew there had to be more to life than spending their days inside at work. They decided to take their life and their careers on the road by […]

Thai Burger Company

Peri Thitathan and his wife Pang had always dreamt of starting their own food business. After being inspired by the freedom of a food truck and the desire to bring authentic Thai flavors to America, they started Thai Burger Company. With an Americanized twist on Thai classics, Peri and Pang are disrupting the food and […]