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Can You Use Lithium Batteries to Start Your Boat Engine?

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Marine batteries serve two purposes within your boat’s electrical system. They’re used to start the engine and run various electronics. This includes anything from radios and navigational equipment to kitchen appliances and water makers. While lead acid batteries offer ideal specifications for starting engines, they with the continuous power output needed to run electronics. As many mariners are switching over to lithium batteries for house power, a common question is whether lithium batteries can be used for starting applications. 

Are Battle Born Batteries Equipped for Starting Applications? 

Although Battle Born Batteries thrive in deep cycle house applications, they are not equipped to handle the cold cranking amps that starting an engine requires. It is best to use a lead-acid battery for starting your engine. The lead-acid chemistry can provide the large rush current and quick recharging needed for starting. A quality lead-acid battery will last many years in this application. When it comes to the house banks, lead acid batteries really struggle with longevity when they can’t be fully recharged.   

On the other hand, lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, like Battle Born, thrive at a partial state of charge and can operate without worry of diminished capacity in house electrical systems. While multiple Battle Born Batteries, connected in parallel, can be used to start an engine in an emergency, we don’t recommend it. Prolonged use in starting applications can result in diminished capacity or damage to the battery management system. 

Want to Learn More? 

Check out the full Marine 101 series on our YouTube channel or through the Academy page on our website. If you have further questions or need help designing the perfect marine power system, our technical sales team can help! You can reach them by calling (855) 292-2831 or emailing [email protected]. 

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