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Built to Last: Introducing the BBGC3 and BB8D

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Introducing the BBGC3 and BB8D – Batteries Built to Last 

Built to last, we did not come to play the game; we came to change it. 

The BBGC3 and BB8D

At Dragonfly Energy, we don’t just make batteries, we change the game. We have a drive to constantly innovate and elevate the lithium-ion technology industry. Our team of battery experts are dedicated to pushing our capabilities beyond its limits and then some. We know quality 270Ah batteries that are built to last are hard to come by. That’s why we’re excited to launch both of the long awaited BBGC3 and BB8D battery models

Meet the BBGC3  

With a totally new form factor, convenience offered by our gamechanging battery is the smart choice for any system. 

BBGC3 12V 270Ah LIFePO4 deep cycle battery

The BBGC3 is a 12V, 270Ah deep cycle lithium-ion battery with a distinctive shape not found on markets today. The BBGC3’s unique form allows users limitless mounting possibilities for convenient installationsAt an astonishing 80 lbs., the BBGC3 decreases the weight of your bank by  more than 80%. It packs twice the amount of power within a new form factor designed to maximize the space of your bank.

Rather than adhering to a traditional battery size, we have created a battery that can be placed anywhere. The safety of LiFePO4 chemistry combined with our battery management system (BMS) allowed us to create a battery that has defied the traditional placement of battery banks. With these safety features and the unique shape, the GC3 can be installed in a wide variety of spaces, opening up a greater variety of possibilities.

Built to Change the Game

The “Game Changer” is just that: a powerful new battery with our BMS inside. It outputs 300 amps continuous, and charges 3-5 times faster than lead-acid batteries. The GC3 is a true unicorn in the battery market, as its installation capabilities are truly one-of-a-kind. The GC3 allows you greater flexibility for what you can power and how you install it, while providing you with energy independence that other batteries cannot offer.  

The new BBGC3 battery helps you get out there and stay out there even longer 

Designed at our facility in Reno, Nevada using superior cylindrical cells. The gamechanging BBGC3 can be cycled to a 100% depth of discharge. That’s more than 2-3 times the amount of ANY leadacid battery on the market. The BBGC3 utilizes LiFePO4 chemistry delivering the same power no matter the load size for at least 5,000 charge cycles!  

Whether youre on the water, offgrid, or simply on the road, this battery is built to last. Rest assured, the BBGC3 will allow you to get the most mileage out of your system.  

The BB8D is Here! 

Are you looking to upgrade your marine vessel to lithium? Or maybe you’re looking to take your RV off-grid for longer?  

With the new BB8D, your dreams of getting out there and staying out there can become a reality.  


Also weighing in at a sleek 80 lbs., our BB8D is a 12V deep cycle 270Ah lithium battery. The BB8D utilizes the same stable LiFePO4 chemistry and built-in battery management system technology as our other products.. That means the BB8D truly provides the biggest bang for your buck.  

The BB8D is perfect for marine applications and those looking to pack lots of power into their off-grid applications. It is equipped with standard terminal posts capable of a 100% depth of discharge. It also charges 5 times faster than lead-acid. 

With the BB8D, the switch to lithium has never been easier. Incorporating the BB8D into your system is as easy as installing our other battery models. Its 8D form factor makes it a great drop-in replacement for your existing batteries of that size  

Investing in our GC3 and BB8D batteries is a no brainer, and since we want our product to be accessible to all, we’ve partnered with a payment plan program, Affirm, to make purchasing your dream battery system a reality, whichever model it may be. Both over 200ah batteries are the GC3 are designed in the USA and built to last 10 to 15 years while backed by our industry-leading 10-year warranty! 

If you would like to order an 8D or a GC3 for a system of your own, visit our online store or give our Sales and Tech Team a call at 855-292-2831. Questions about connecting these batteries with other batteries? Checkout our blog, Is It Dangerous to Mix Battery Sizes?  Our experts can answer any questions you have about these games changing battery models! 

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