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Holiday Gift Guide 2023 | Powering the Season with Battle Born Batteries

Looking for holiday season gifts for the adventurous boondockers, full-time RVers, weekend travelers, off-grid dwellers, and marine enthusiasts in your life this holiday season? We have the ultimate Holiday Gift Guide of 2023 for you! Find the best gift options for your circle’s biggest adventurers that will help…  🏕️ Make…

Don’t Let Dirt and Grime Dim Your Investment: Best Tips on Solar Panel Cleaning

Dirty solar panels can lead to reduced output and other problems. Use these expert solar panel cleaning tips to optimize performance and profitability.

The Li-MITLESS ENERGY Podcast: Charging Power Systems via an Alternator

After discovering a critical gap in the power system industry, Al Thomason came out of retirement to solve the problem. With the help of his business partner Rick Jones, they developed a game-changing alternator regulator that utilizes current, voltage, and temperature to deliver the most precise and effective charging possible.…

The Basics of Charging LiFePO4 Batteries

Following your decision to purchase LiFePO4 batteries, the logical next step is determining what other components your system will need. Among other accessories, having a charger that is compatible with your batteries is essential. Understanding how to determine the right charger for your Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries can be a…

Why New Battery Technology is Important to Our Sustainability

Battery technology is evolving towards sustainability. Learn all about how batteries are changing and their impact on the environment.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Battery Management Systems

With optimal monitoring, you can increase your battery's efficiency, lifespan, and performance. Here's how battery management systems can help you do that.

The Race for the #1 Smart Battery Has Begun

The smart battery is taking the energy industry by storm. Discover its impact on the energy industry, and see how it's shaping the future of energy here!

How Heated Battery Kits Help You Stay Charged in Chilly Conditions

An RV battery is key to powering your mobile life, especially in cold temps. Learn how heated battery kits can keep you warmer—and off the grid—longer.

Experience Next-Level Efficiency with an RV Battery Monitoring System

Discover how an advanced battery monitoring system can take the guesswork out of planning your next RV trip’s energy consumption.