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What Does a Battery Maintainer Do?

Are you planning to store your RV or boat for the off-season but aren’t sure what to do with your batteries? Have you ever been blindsided by completely dead batteries after leaving them in storage? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, a battery maintainer may be…

12V Battery Types: Which One Is For You?

When it comes to 12-volt (12V) house batteries, choosing the right one can seem a little daunting to those unfamiliar with battery technology. While all 12V battery types provide power for 12V electrical systems, there are notable distinctions in the design, capacity, maintenance needs, and expenses associated with the different…

Battery System Maintenance 101: How To Keep Your Batteries at Peak Performance with Inverter Chargers and System Monitoring

Battery Maintenance 101: How to Keep Your Battery Systems at Peak Performance

Can RV Batteries Keep You Powered Overnight?

As it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to get a campground reservation, many RVers are opting to boondock and forego hookups. While boondocking offers unbeatable views and more privacy, not having hookups can pose several challenges. Without an upgraded power system, running some loads overnight can leave an RVer with…

Will Lithium Batteries Freeze?

Whether you’re camping off-grid in your RV or enjoying a beautiful day on the water, having a battery bank you can rely on is essential. This becomes especially critical if Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate, and you find yourself unexpectedly in freezing temperatures. It’s no secret that cold weather and batteries…

What Does a Trickle Charger Do?

RVers, sailors, and overlanders who aren’t traveling full-time often have to leave their batteries in storage for an extended period of time. While this can bring concerns about diminished capacity, many people opt to use a trickle charger to maintain their batteries while they’re away, as they can be a…

Everything You Need to Complete Your Comprehensive Lithium Power System

Discover how to assemble an independent power system complete with lithium-ion batteries, solar panels, chargers, and everything else you need.

Lithium-Ion Batteries with IP65 Ratings | What is IP65 and Why Does it Matter?

As lithium-ion batteries become more popular, various standards and certifications are being created to ensure consumers’ safety. Each of these standards puts the batteries through rigorous testing to see if they will continue to operate optimally, even in rough conditions. Ingress Protection (IP) ratings were created to signal how well…

Understanding the Many Uses of Lithium-Ion Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries have a long list of important applications. Explore use cases and link to trustworthy lithium ion battery products for your needs.