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Battle Born Batteries Partners with the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation to Serve Purple Heart Veterans

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Battle Born Batteries is excited to announce its partnership with the Wounded Warriors in Action Foundation (WWIA).

WWIA is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit that serves combat-wounded, Purple Heart recipients, or Heroes, by providing world-class outdoor sporting activities, chiefly hunting and fishing excursions, at no cost to the participants to help heal the invisible wounds of war. Battle Born is donating $20,000 to the organization and giving lithium-ion batteries to power recreational resources for select prostaff and key events. Battle Born will also provide prizes for the B’LASTER 2021 Walleye Fall Brawl, which will be held Oct. 11 on Lake Erie. A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to support the WWIA.

Wounded Warriors often return home different than when they left. Their war experiences impact their personal and professional lives. The WWIA provides recreational sporting opportunities to combat-wounded veterans to recognize and honor their service and sacrifices, encourage independence and connections with communities, and promote healing and wellness through camaraderie and a shared passion for the outdoors.

WWIA serves 250 Purple Heart recipients each year, hosting over 50 events across the U.S. Most events are 3-5 days long, serving an average of 3-5 Heroes at a time, and are guided by a cadre of professionally trained and educated Purple Heart recipients. The nonprofit owns and operates a Healing Center in the Northwoods of Wisconsin called Camp Hackett, giving veterans access to almost 1,000 acres of wild and remote wilderness to hunt and fish. These trips allow veterans to enjoy camaraderie with their fellow Purple Heart recipients, bolster self-confidence and allow them to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually in the peace and power of the natural world. Battle Born is providing batteries to power Camp Hackett and WWIA’s Airstream trailer. The LiFeP04 batteries will replace an LP generator supporting the bunkhouse, allowing the facilities to collect solar energy to power a washer, dryer, and kitchen, and other appliances cleanly, off the grid. Lithium batteries will also replace lead-acid batteries in the WWIA Airstream trailer, which also serves as the WWIA’s mobile Headquarters. This will make the RV more energy efficient while reducing its weight, enabling the unit to stay out on events longer without worrying about charging the batteries as frequently.

To learn more information about WWIA, please visit www.wwiaf.org, or contact them via phone: 813-938-1390, email: [email protected], or follow them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wwia.


Wounded Warriors in Action logo. A Buck skull with the words "Honor. Connect. Heal" written underneath

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