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A Much-Deserved Lithium Upgrade for WWIA’s Airstream Mobile HQ  

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Here at Battle Born Batteries, we believe in the power of giving back to several charitable causes, and Wounded Warriors in Action is one of them. Founded by Retired Army officer John McDaniel in 2007, the 501(c)(3) nonprofit serves combat-wounded, Purple Heart recipients by providing the opportunity for them to get outdoors. You can read our first blog entry on our partnership with the organization here

About the WWIA Airstream Install:  

The team at Future Solutions was instrumental in creating an arrangement to improve the quality of life for anyone traveling and working in the trailer. Future Solutions worked on the design and layout of a system that would be cost-effective, save storage space and fulfill all the energy needs that may come into play when traveling.

As the Airstream doubles as a “Mobile HQ,” the WWIA team can visit veterans and Heroes from coast to coast and assist in helping them get out there and stay out there. John now visits event sites and key supporters without needing to rely on a noisy generator when taking trips out into nature with fellow veterans.

Here’s what’s powering the Airstream:

While having a solar array of 875W on the roof, he has the added ability to hook up a portable array for some extra energy.

The team standing in front of the Airstream for WWIA.

“Our team was very excited to help construct and install an energy system allowing John and his team to stay off-grid while traveling to meet other organizational leaders helping the mission,” said Courtney Harris, head of marketing at Future Solutions.

To learn more about the mission of WWIA and their new Airstream, visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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2 thoughts on “A Much-Deserved Lithium Upgrade for WWIA’s Airstream Mobile HQ  

  1. To our friends and partners at Battle Born Batteries, THANK YOU for your outstanding support of WWIA and our Purple Heart Heroes. We are truly grateful and humbled by your generosity. Thank you and Future Solutions, Inc. for helping us to GET OUT THERE and STAY OUT THERE as we work to bring healing and restoration to our incredible combat-wounded veterans. ? -Team WWIA

  2. Thanks Battle Born for the much needed assistance to Wounded Warriors in Action. I’ve been a host/volunteer for over ten years now and I have seen the wonderful things they have done time and time again. WWIA is everything they say they are and more this “upgrade” will allow them to continue their mission for many years to come.
    Thanks very much Battle Born!
    Larry Fielder

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