Sol-Ark SA-8K Pre-Wired Hybrid Inverter System


Sol-Ark 8K Pre-Wired Hybrid Inverter System is a all-in-one system that includes an inverter, charger controller, a display with remote monitoring. The Sol-Ark is simple to install to a Grid-tied, Off-Grid, or Battery Backup solar system, while being able to manages power to and from Solar, Battery, Grid, Loads, and Generator.


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Sol-Ark 8K Pre-Wired Hybrid Inverter System is a powerful solar hybrid inverter that is battery-agnostic for off-grid backup options for homeowners.

Easy Install: The Sol-Ark Inverter comes with everything you need to install it. Nicely packaged for added efficiency.

Battery Agnostic: Sol-Ark inverters also do not have expensive battery restrictions like other solar inverters do, and can be used with a wide variety of 48V battery chemistries, from lead to lithium.

Fleet Management: With Sol-Ark’s remote access features and app, you are never out of touch, and you can quickly repair or adjust any system without being on-site.

Warranty & Reliability: The Sol-Ark 8K Pre-Wired Hybrid Inverter System comes with an award-winning iron-clad warranty and a 7-day-a-week live Engineering Support to assist you in all your needs.


SA-8K Features:

  • Simple to install with touchscreen interface
  • Grid Tied Mode: Sell your power to reduce electric bill
  • Meter Zero Mode: Zero your electric bill without a smart meter
  • Time of Use: Use solar and batteries to minimize grid power usage
  • Programmable Smart Load Mode
  • DC and AC Coupling
  • Works with a wide range of battery chemistries- Lead acid to Lithium

SA-8K Specifications:

  • AC Voltage: 120/240V split phase
  • AC Frequency: 60/50 Hz
  • Max Continuous AC Output Power: 8,000W
  • MPPT Voltage Range: 150-425V
  • Max Input Current: 20 Amp (per mppt)
  • Inverter Efficiency: 96.0%
  • Listings & Certifications:UL1741-2010/2018, IEEE1547a-2003/2014, FCC 15 class B
  • Weight: 78 lbs
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 30.0″ x 18.30″ x 10.0″
  • 10 Year Standard Warranty

Additional information

Weight 78 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 18.3 × 10 in
Sol-Ark SA-8K Manual



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