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Powerful and Reliable Lithium Batteries For Kayaks

Seeking to up your kayak game and on-the-water power?

Our powerful and reliable lithium-ion battery kits are customized for kayaks and ideal for extending your time on the water. Equipped with marine-grade deep cycle batteries and a Victron IP65 charger, your LiFePO4 kayak battery will be boosted and potent wherever you choose to paddle!

Our Power System Bundles contain all the essential components for constructing your kayak lithium battery system and are discounted to save you more than buying the items separately. 

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Make the Switch | Lithium Batteries For Your Kayak

Traditional lead acid kayak batteries weigh approximately 70 lbs, while Battle Born Batteries weigh only 31 pounds–a variance in weight crucial for a compact kayak setup.

Transitioning to Battle Born lithium deep cycle 12V batteries creates reliable power you can trust for the long run. With LiFePO4 kayak batteries, remaining on the water for an extended period equates to more time to engage in activities you enjoy.


2-3x the Power In Same Physical Space


1/5 the Weight For Equal Usable Power


5x Faster Charging​


100% Depth of Discharge​


Heated Options for Cold Weather


Industry-Leading 10-Year Warranty