Sailing Uma’s 100% Electric Boat

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Whether it be on the road or just sailing around the world Battle Born Batteries wants our customers to experience strength and reliability when it comes to the power they need. Sailing Uma’s dynamic duo Dan and Kika have been sailing open waters since 2015 and have no plans of stopping. They pride themselves on traveling diesel-free and with the help of our lithium ion batteries, Sailing Uma can sail with solar for as long as they need.


Sailing Uma


Dan and Kika met at architecture school, it was a passion they shared and planned to make it their career. But after renovating houses, they decided to take their love for architecture to a new level by taking their home across the world. Dan and Kika have been sailing with their 1972 Pearson 36′ for 4 years and have been loving it ever since. Their boat, affectionately named Uma, is named after the Portuguese translation for the number one. “To us, ‘Uma’ is more than just a number. In life there are many paths to choose. All requiring a first step, a first idea, a first choice to stand on, she is our first step towards a lifelong journey”, they cheered. When they started their YouTube channel, they knew nothing about sailing, so they made the effort to learn everything they could. What they learned was that they didn’t find anything on how to transition from land to sea. So, they decided to document their experience transitioning lifestyles and have been documenting ever since.



Explore, Learn, and Share

With a philosophy like explore, learn, and share Dan and Kika have provided their audience with the content that can showcase this lifestyle. “Our ethos is to Explore, Learn and Share. In that order. The world is small but vast, we aim to see as much of it as we can and learn from each new experiences, cultures and destinations —then do our very best to share that with our audience”, they explained. From sailing to Florida and swimming with dolphins to making a summer trip to Iceland and Greenland, Dan and Kika have been living their philosophy to its fullest potential. So once they decided to refit their boat, they explored the world of lithium ion batteries and learned about Battle Born Batteries. With their mind made up on BB, they refitted their boat to share their diesel-free ideals.





Learning About Lithium Ion Batteries

When deciding to go with Lithium Ion batteries, it wasn’t even a competition. Dan and Kika knew Battle Born Batteries was right for them, “They took out all to complications of switching to Lithium. Now we almost forget we have them. No maintenance. No checking in every day to make sure the batteries are topped off. Because we have an electric motor, we live on 100% solar power and our panels do a great job keeping up. All the electronics on board just work, and we no longer have any stress about conserving power or dead batteries.” Sailing country to country meant Dan and Kika needed reliable power to get them to where they needed to go. “Having such a large battery bank and knowing we’re not destroying it on the days we don’t fully charge it removes a huge source of anxiety from our daily lives,” they mentioned. Since they are traveling through the middle of habitats for many different ocean wildlife, Dan and Kika wanted to do their best to not only help the environment, but their boat as well.


That’s why when they switched from lead acid, they knew they were helping the longevity of their vessel, “Because we have an electric auxiliary motor, every time we used it with our old lead acid batteries, we knew were doing them harm. Now, it’s a relief to know we can use our motor whenever we need to and not damage our batteries”.


Sailing Uma’s Lithium Heart



Sailing Uma consulted with Battle Born Batteries to create the system that was perfect for their sailing adventures and needs. With the help of our battery experts, Sailing Uma’s set up includes:


Check out the video that demonstrates the process and gives you their insight on their transition to Lithium here! 





Sail with Uma’s Adventures



Now that Dan and Kika have outfitted their boat with BB batteries, they can focus on the next locations for their journey while getting the power they need! Keep up with the Sailing Uma crew by subscribing to their YouTube channel! Also follow them on Instagram and Facebook for some amazing scenery photos!



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