Cyrix-i 24/48V-400A intelligent combiner



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The Victron Energy Cyrix-Li-CT 24/48V 400A Intelligent Li-ion Battery Combiner is microprocessor controlled heavy duty relay which automatically connects batteries in parallel once one has reaching the pre-set voltage. It also disconnects when voltage reaches below float level. Holds a continuous current of 400Amps as well as adjust automatically to 24V or 48V systems.

The output voltage of alternators or battery chargers will not need to increase because of no voltage loss. Is also an excellent replacement for diode isolators.

If you have any questions about this Cyrix-Li-CT 24/48V 400A Intelligent Li-ion Battery Combiner or any other combiner, please send us an email [email protected] or give us a call 855-292-2831.  We are more than happy to help you!


The Victron Energy Cyrix-Li-CT 12/24V 120A Intelligent Li-ion Battery Combiner features

  • Start Assist
  • Intelligent Battery Monitoring, prevents repeated switching
  • Bidirectional voltage sensing
  • Protection against overheating
  • No voltage loss

5 year warranty

Continuous Current: 400Amps

Current Consumption when open: 4mA


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