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Leaders in the Future of Energy Storage, Right Here in the USA

Since 2014, Battle Born Batteries has brought the market’s most durable, safe, and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries to industries across the board, with hundreds of thousands of tried-and-tested LiFePO4 products in the field. From RV and marine to residential and industrial off-grid, Battle Born Batteries have proven their power and changed the lives of customers–those who are proud to represent a USA brand.

Battle Born Batteries Employees in Warehouse
Battle Born Batteries being Manufactured in the Warehouse

Our Flagship Facility In Northern Nevada;
A Lithium Epicenter of North America

Just like the state that we call home, our brands, our products, and our customers are Battle Born. Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, we are at the epicenter of the lithium battery world–in a region rich in lithium and with full potential of a complete lithium battery supply chain. At our 99,000 square-foot facility in Reno, we assemble industry-leading LiFePO4 batteries that ship from our facility worldwide. 

Battle Born Batteries Trademark Warehouse Exterior
Battle Born Batteries Production Team Member Assembling Batteries

Quality Control in the USA

Quality is prioritized with every battery we build, starting with a selection of top-quality raw materials sourced from long-standing, trusted suppliers. On-site production in Reno, Nevada allows for greater quality control, ensuring each battery is crafted to meet our highest standards and pass rigorous testing. 

Our commitment to quality control, in-depth, hands-on inspections, and responsible sourcing practices ensure our product delivers exceptional performance. Safety, durability, and sustainability are paramount here at Battle Born Batteries, and all materials are sourced with these critical aspects in mind.

Full System Integrators & In-House Customer Support

Battle Born Batteries Technical Specialist with Display
Battle Born Batteries Technical Specialist Troubleshooting a System
Battle Born Batteries Technical Specialist Helping a Customer

At Battle Born, we go far beyond offering the industry’s best lithium-ion batteries–we take a comprehensive approach to complete system integration for your ideal lithium power system. Everything you need to build your dream system is at our fingertips–solar panels, batteries, chargers, inverters, and all necessary accessories. 

Our deeply knowledgeable Technical Sales Team is educated in the most current technology and is a short phone call away to start discussing your specific energy needs. Our team understands that every system is unique, and we offer custom solutions that meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a small off-grid system or a large-scale power solution, we are ready to help every step of the way. 

Ultimately, our goal is to help you achieve energy independence. With full-system integration and a knowledgeable team of specialists, you can trust we have the expertise and resources for a successful build throughout the lifetime of your battery.

Special Discount

For Our Military Members & First Responders

Battle Born Batteries would like to thank our brave Military and First Responders. Please contact our Technical Sales Team for a special discount.

Adam Wygnanski in Battle Born Batteries Shirt at a Veteran's Memorial

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