Progressive Dynamics Replacements WFCO RV Power Centers 45 Amp Lithium Converter



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The Progressive Dynamics WFCO is a replacement for your 45 Amp Lithium RV Converter, the WFCO 8945 Converter, and the Progressive Dynamics PD4645 Lead Acid Converter. This lithium replacement upgrade is designed to be used with 12v lithium LifePO4 batteries that have a Battery Management System (BMS). It offers a single-stage charging profile that outputs a constant 14.6V designed to keep your battery system fully charged.


  • Application: 12V battery systems
  • Rated power output: 650 watts
  • Amperage output: 45 amps
  • Voltage:
    • Input: 105 – 130 VAC
    • Output: 14.6 VDC

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5.38 in


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