Progressive Dynamics 4600 Series Converter/Chargers


The Progressive Dynamics 4600 Series Converter/Chargers are a replacement for your Lithium RV Converter, the WFCO Converter, and the Progressive Dynamics Lead Acid Converter.

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This lithium replacement upgrade is designed to be used with 12v lithium LifePO4 batteries that have a Battery Management System (BMS). It offers a single-stage charging profile that outputs a constant 14.6V designed to keep your battery system fully charged.


  • Charge Wizard 4-State Charging System Built-In
  • Dramatically Increases Battery Life
  • The Intelligent Way to Charge & Maintain Your RV Battery
  • Easy to Install
  • Metal Enclosure is Included in Every Package for Replacement of Parallax/Magnatek 6300 Series or 7300 Series Converters

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45 Amp, 55 Amp

Pendant Modification Instructions for PD4600 Series



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