What is a Lithium Amp Hour or LAH?

Batteries are rated in Amp hours (AH), when you look at a lead acid battery there are a few things that are not clearly represented. The reserve capacity is the actual amount of power in the battery, most the time this number is based on a 20 hour discharge rate which is extremely low and very rarely happens in real world systems. And you can only discharge a lead acid battery to 50% at this 20 hour rate before you start to damage the battery. If you discharge the battery in less than an hour you will get less then 40% of the power.

Lithium batteries are designed to be discharged nearly 100% and at a high rate without losing performance or power. Li-ion deep cycle batteries are rated with (LAH) because they are essentially double the power of a lead acid battery.

For example if you had a 200 amp hour AGM battery you can essentially pull 100 amps out of it over 20 hours. If you want to pull the power out in hour you will only start with 120 amp hours.

When you are cycling a Battle Born LIFEPO4 battery you can get the full 100 amps in an hour. Essentially you would need a 200 amp hour lead acid battery to produce the same amount of power in an hour.