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Scarlet and Seth


Eager to pursue a more minimalistic lifestyle and gain more financial freedom, Scarlet and Seth converted a Sprinter Van and transitioned to life on the road. With their two cats, Lula and Sasha in tow, Scarlet and Seth moved into their van, “Louis”, and began full-time travel. With a growing passion for van life, Scarlet and Seth continued converting more vans and selling their previous ones. Now, ten van builds later, the pair still love their life on the road and recently completed their latest van build!

Rig & System 

2015 4x4 Sprinter Van “Juniper” 
  • 3 – 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battle Born Batteries 
  • 1 – Victron MultiPlus 
  • 1 – MPPT 100/30 SmartSolar Charge Controller 
  • 1 – Victron Orion Tr Smart 
  • 1 – Lynx Distributer 
  • 1 – 225w Solar Panel 

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