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Sailing Yabá


Determined to chase after their sailing dreams, MP and Ben purchased a sinking Schooner despite many warnings not to. Although they had minimal experience in boat owning and refitting, they learned as they went and were determined to turn their salvaged boat into the home of their dreams. With a lot accomplished, but a long way to go, MP and Ben are working hard and learning from their crew as they finish up their boat refit and getting ready to sail!

Rig & System 

88’ Brazilian Wooden Schooner, Yabá 
  • 4 – 12V 270Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle 8D Battle Born Batteries  
  • 1 – Orion DC to DC Charger 24v to 12v  
  • 1 – Ve Bus Smart Dongle 
  • 1 – RJ45 1.8 m 
  • 1 – 3000w 24v 230v Inverter/Charger 
  • 1 – MPPT Solar Charge Controller