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Nuttin’ Adventured Nuttin’ Gained


After years of tent camping, the McLaughlins knew they wanted to find a more permanent way to spend time in nature and explore the country together. Eventually, they purchased a truck and trailer and began going on small adventures close to home. They realized that life was too short to not pursue their dreams and in 2020, they took the leap into full-time travel. Now, Dawn, Kevin, and their daughter Kaitlyn, are traveling around the United States on an adventure of a lifetime.

Rig & System 

2022 Alliance Valor 43v13 
  • 3 – 12V 270Ah Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battle Born GC3 Batteries 
  • 1 – SmartShunt 500A 
  • 1 – VE Bus Smart Dongle 
  • 1 – RJ45 1.8m 
  • 1 – 400ANL 
  • 1 – Victron Multiplus 2 
  • 1 – MPPT 150/100 
  • Cerbo  
  • Touch50 

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