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Mothership Adrift


United Kingdom family, Irenka, Woody, Rowan, Darry, and Yewan live full-time on their 1997 Amel Super Maramu while sailing around the world. Both Irenka and Woody flotilla skippers in Greece and ran a sailing/powerboat training center before pursuing their passion for travel when they set out to circumnavigate the globe. This family loves exploring the new places they visit and immersing themselves in the local culture. In addition to homeschool, the kids are a part of the boat crew and Irenka and Woody hope to instill a sense of wonder in their children, backed by self-reliance, responsibility and resilience.

Rig & System 

Sailboat - Amel Super Maramu - 1997 
  • 10 - 50Ah 24V LiFePo4 Deep Cycle Battle Born Batteries
  • 1 - Ve Bus Smart Dongle  
  • 1 - RJ45 1.8m 

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