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Lithium-Ion Batteries with IP65 Ratings | What is IP65 and Why Does it Matter?

As lithium-ion batteries become more popular, various standards and certifications are being created to ensure consumers’ safety. Each of these standards puts the batteries through rigorous testing to see if they will continue to operate optimally, even in rough conditions. Ingress Protection (IP) ratings were created to signal how well…

Understanding the Many Uses of Lithium-Ion Deep Cycle Batteries

Deep cycle batteries have a long list of important applications. Explore use cases and link to trustworthy lithium ion battery products for your needs.

7 Things You Should Know About E-13, the Latest ABYC Standards for Lithium Batteries

Recent ABYC E-13 Standards ensure the safety of lithium batteries for boats. We share the key updates you should know, as well as tips for compliance.

The Basics of Charging LiFePO4 Batteries

Following your decision to purchase LiFePO4 batteries, the logical next step is determining what other components your system will need. Among other accessories, having a charger that is compatible with your batteries is essential. Understanding how to determine the right charger for your Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries can be a…

The Top 20 Lithium Battery Dealers and Installers

Installing your own lithium battery electrical system can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Many novices enjoy the peace of mind of leaving their install up to the professionals, but with a dizzying number of installers promising amazing results, how do you choose the right one? At Battle Born Batteries,…

Why New Battery Technology is Important to Our Sustainability

Battery technology is evolving towards sustainability. Learn all about how batteries are changing and their impact on the environment.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Battery Management Systems

With optimal monitoring, you can increase your battery's efficiency, lifespan, and performance. Here's how battery management systems can help you do that.

Eco-Friendly Batteries: A Trendy Buzzword? Or Can the Science Back It Up?

Do eco-friendly batteries actually exist? Let's explore the technology that makes lithium-ion batteries the clean and green solution to your power needs.

Understanding Energy Density of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Reliable and safe lithium-ion batteries have become essential in modern-day life, powering everything from cars to smartphones. However, not all batteries are created equal, and the type of battery you use can significantly impact system performance, reliability, and safety. Battery density refers to the measure of energy stored in a…