Switching over or upgrading your RV or boat’s electrical system to lithium batteries can be an exciting time. But it can also be nerve-wracking to find a battery installer nearby that you trust. Many owners are understandably wary of plunking down a big chunk of change for sensitive work using expensive parts if they don’t fully trust the person doing it. It’s not as easy as typing in “RV lithium battery installers near me” and clicking on the first name that pops up.

So how can you find someone you trust for help installing lithium batteries in an RV or installing lithium batteries in a boat? Here are some tips for finding a trusted, tried-and-true technician you can rely on.  

How to Find RV or Boat Lithium Battery Installers Near Me

For many, the process begins with a simple internet search for “RV lithium battery installers near me” or something similar. This can be a great starting point, but without further investigation, you may not know about potential trouble until it’s too late.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips, starting with educating yourself on the installation.

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Understand the High-Level Process

This is a crucial but often ignored part of successfully seeking out an installer you can trust. You don’t need to become an expert on installing lithium batteries in an RV or boat, but understanding the basics and principles can go a long way toward avoiding scammers and ensuring you get what you expect. 

Installing Lithium Batteries in an RV

First, your installer will disconnect your rig from any power and remove the old batteries. They may also remove any hardware that won’t work with your new batteries or is worth replacing or upgrading. This may include wiring, your inverter, or other parts.

Then, they install the batteries themselves and connect them to your new system. Finally, you’ll need to dispose of your old batteries properly. You can’t simply throw them in the trash. Your best bet is to find a suitable battery recycling or disposal facility near you.

Installing Lithium Batteries in a Boat

Installing lithium batteries in your boat is similar in many ways to installing them in an RV. Disconnect, remove old batteries, replace or upgrade components, and then install new ones.

Your boat batteries may need to be more firmly secured than similar RV ones due to the increased motion out on the water. 

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Our Top Tips for Finding a Lithium Battery Installer Near You That You Can Trust

Now that you know the basics of the installation process, it’s time to start sorting through that list of “RV lithium battery installers near me” from that internet search. Here are some of the most important things to consider. We’ve also provided some important questions to ask potential picks for installing lithium batteries in a boat or RV.  

1. Has the Installer Done an RV or Boat Lithium Install Before?

The reason for this question should be apparent. You’ll naturally want to use someone with experience and familiarity with installing lithium batteries in an RV or boat. You’ll not only want to ask whether they’ve done a lithium install, but how many and whether they work on all models of RVs and boats or just some. If they have a specialty that fits your rig or boat, even better. 

Following up with former customers is also a critical step. Before undertaking a large or expensive install, technicians should feel confident enough to show you photos of previous jobs or provide references. You can also seek out customer reviews on your own online. 

2. Do They Carry All Products Needed for an RV or Boat Install? 

Many owners simply assume that those offering to install lithium batteries have all the parts and components on-hand. But that’s unfortunately not always the case. Ensure your installer is confident in the parts needed to build a top-tier lithium system. Also, ensure they understand the sometimes expensive and complicated products they’re selling. 

3. What Is Their Battery Installer Reputation, Specialties, and Certifications?

There are a few things you should investigate regarding the business itself. First, you’ll generally want to choose a company that’s been open for a while. This is a good sign that they’re providing quality work often enough to keep the lights on. It’s also vital that the business is insured if anything goes wrong during your installation. 

You should also ask if the technician or technicians have any special certifications. All of these items can speak to the business’s seriousness and help ensure you’re not turning your valuable RV or boat over to a fly-by-night operation that won’t be around a few months from now if things go wrong. 

4. Did They Ask All the Right Questions When Sizing the System?

You can tell quite a bit about a lithium battery technician or repair shop by the questions they ask you during the initial consultation. It reflects on their experience and knowledge. For example, they should ask questions regarding the number of batteries you’d like or need, the size of your inverter, and any solar, wind, or other power generation systems. 

They may also query you about cables and wires or fuse preferences. It’s OK if you don’t have immediate answers to these questions. Knowing that your potential installer is considering these issues is a good sign that they’re well-informed and experienced. 

5. Do They Provide a Complete Walkthrough at Delivery?

Even if you’re experienced with RV or boat electrical power systems, it’s a sign of professionalism for your lithium battery installer to offer a complete walkthrough and explanation of your new system. There may be features or processes you’re not familiar with that your technician can introduce you to, improving your knowledge of your rig or boat.

At a minimum, your technician should run the system for you before it leaves the shop. This demonstrates that every step of the power process is working as expected. That way, you’ll know about any possible problems long before your next camping trip or journey out on the water.  

Avoid Disappointment in Your Lithium Battery Installation

Making the switch from old-school lead-acid batteries to modern, efficient, long-lasting lithium ones can be a gamechanger for boat and RV owners. But when choosing someone to install lithium batteries in an RV or installing lithium batteries in a boat, it’s imperative to pick a technician or company with the proper experience and know-how.

So keep these questions in mind, and you’ll have no trouble finding a quality installer who’ll have your RV or boat running on efficient lithium power for years to come! You won’t be flying blind when you search “RV lithium battery installers near me,” thanks to these easy tips.

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