Upgrading Your RV house battery bank to Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries

Battle Born Batteries wants to provide you the ideal experience for your RV trips. RVers have long waited for a better battery solution to get rid of their “battery anxiety”. Not only will our products help you have physical and mental ease, but it will allow you to go boondocking comfortably if you wish. Our team of battery experts are familiar with most of the existing components on your RV regardless if it’s a Class A, Class C or B van.


Do you have a travel trailer or cabover camper? Don’t worry. We are experts in those types of RV’s as well. We offer three different 12-volt lithium deep cycle models with solutions that will drop into any size travel trailer or motorized RV. We have LFP drop in replacements for group 27, 31 and GC2 lead acid batteries.


Lithium ion batteries provide better performance, last longer, and have sustainable qualities for the price. They contain no toxic components and are environmentally safe. They also feature the highest energy density, by far. Buy a lithium battery and relax knowing you’re doing the most for your RV.

Our goal is to improve the customer experience of upgrading your RV to an LFP deep cycle battery bank, it’s a big decision and we want to help you design the right DIY lithium system for your RV.


Battle Born Batteries has done extensive testing to make sure that all the major suppliers we enjoy using are compatible with our products. These brands include: Progressive Dynamics, Magnum Energy, Xantrex, Victron Energy, Zamp Solar, Go Power, Micro Air’s  EasyStart 364 and many more. Their components can help ensure technical and customer support which is what we want to provide you with as well. We have designed our battery packs to be compatible with conventional chargers – including converters, inverter/chargers, alternators, and solar charge controllers.


If you have any questions about an inverter charger, charger, converter or solar charger controller that is not on our site please call us 855-292-2831 or email us [email protected]. We will evaluate it and let you know how it will work with our Battle Born Batteries.