Battle Born Battery Anglers Share their Experiences with LiFePO4

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Battle Born Batteries takes pride in their LiFePO4 batteries, they help ease “battery anxiety” for so many people in various applications.

One of these applications includes people who are out on the water fishing for competitions or those who are out there just for fun. Regardless, they both depend on their batteries to get them that big catch or simply power a day of relaxation!


The following blog has four customer stories with different battery setups and they wanted to share information on their systems to help those who may be interested in transitioning to lithium, so they too can get out there, and stay out there!



Small Town Bassin’ – Adam James


Adam James has been a long-time customer of Battle Born Batteries and is creator of the YouTube Channel, “Small Town Bassin’”. Adam has two Old Town Predator kayaks that are powered by Battle Born Batteries. One of the kayaks has a BB10012 and the other has a BB5012.


To charge his kayak adventures, Adam uses a Progressive Dynamics PD9140LV charger. He uses this charger on both of his kayaks and is useful when charging both battery models. “When I plug this unit in, I can expect a complete charge cycle in about 4 to 5 hours. A typical lead acid cycle runs between 12 and 18rs”, he explains.


When comparing his current system to lead acid, he recalls a time with lead acid where his batteries took over 12-18 hours to charge in exchange of 6 hours out in the water. Adam let us know that with Battle Born he charges for about 4 hours and has gone over 10 hours of fishing time. He has even gone out for 2 days in a row on a single charge and has yet to fully discharge his batteries.







Adam also owns a Nitro 700LX bass boat. He’s equipped this rig with 3 Humminbird electronic graphs to assist him with navigation and finding fish. It also has a 24V Minn Kota trolling motor on the bow to assist with control of the boat. It has a total of 4 batteries on board, one lead acid starting battery and 3 BB10012s  to power electronics such as graphs, pumps, lights, and so on. Two of his 100ah 12V batteries are in series to supply power to his 24V trolling motor.


These batteries are charged by a Dual Pro professional series 3 bank unit that pumps out 45amps between 3 batteries. It is a fully waterproof marine grade charger that is mounted inside on the storage compartments in the boat.  The batteries supplemented with the Dual Pro charger has allowed Adam to last a whole weekend and put the idea of a dead battery completely out of his mind.


“I recommend these batteries to any and everyone that uses lead acid for any purpose. These batteries easily out perform all lead acid batteries in the market” – Adam James.




BassMaster Pro Angler – Bill Weidler

Next, we have Pro Angler, Bill Weidler from the Bassmasters Elite Series. Bill Weidler currently has a 2018 Triton TRX 21 Elite boat powered with a Mercury 250 HP Proxs. He is using 3 Battle Born 100Ah 12V Batteries that are run in series to complete his 36V trolling motor.



From the front of the boat he uses a Minn Kota Ultrex 36V trolling motor controlled with a foot controller. Aside from that he has two switches to activate his shallow water anchors. At the bow of the boat he has 2 Lawrence HDS Carbon 12” Depth finders.


He charges his batteries with a Dual Pro onboard charger that charges each battery individually. It has 4 leads that are all designed to charge a 12v battery. During competition for a more rapid charge, Bill piggy backs a 36V Dual Pro Charger.



With his Battle Born Batteries, Bill has gone 2 consecutive days without charging totaling to about 16-18 hours on the water.




“When I first unboxed the batteries, I was amazed at the weight difference between the Battle Born Batteries and standard AGM batteries. Day after Day I would go to the lake and run the BB10012’s as hard as possible, sometimes for 12+ hours. Every time I pulled the boat from the lake, I was gaining confidence in their reliability”, Bill explained.





After Bill’s 1st year on the elite series he’s realized this product was everything he was told it was and more. These batteries have given Bill 100% confidence on his tournament and practice days. With AGM, Bill recalls getting dead batteries halfway through his competition out on Lake Chickamauga. It resulted in him placing 6th, “the hours lost cost me a better finish and a lot of money,” Bill said.


Overall, his Battle Born’s have proven themselves and are now an important component in his tournament set up. Bill recommends these batteries to all of his competitors and anyone fishing, whether its in competition or for fun.





Mission Fishin’ Charters Owner – Gary Longley

Now we have Gary Longley, previous owner of Mission Fishin’ Charters and Guide Service, as well as a competitor in the Pro Bass Elite series in Canada. Gary’s love for fishing developed as a child when his grandfather would take him on fishing adventures. One day he snuck the rod out without permission and caught a bass, he’s been hooked on fishing ever since.


Now as an adult, Gary owns a 20ft 2018 Falcon with a 2019 Mercury 250 Pro XS 4 stroke. It has 3 Battle Born 100Ah 12V batteries and an AGM starting battery. He uses a Minn Kota 440D, which charges his lithiums quickly and efficiently. Gary has run 2 full tournament days as well without having to charge them.




“I have not seen this kind of power and longevity out of any other battery including AGM. The St. Lawrence is the ultimate test with its strong current and the batteries never even hinted at weakening or shutting down”, he beamed.


Gary cannot express how much Battle Born has change his experience. Gary explained, “Battery issues are now a thing of the past. I draft less too which is a big deal in the spring around here if you want to get to the fish”. Gary recommends these batteries to anyone looking to eliminate battery issues and increase boat performance.






Angling YouTuber – Mikey Balzz

Our last fisherman is Mikey Balzz. Mikey has been creating videos on fishing for his audience since 2009. Through his channel, he hopes to capture his experience on video to help other anglers pursue fish on their home waters all over the country. He likes how fishing is ever-changing, that every day on the water is something different, “I’ve always been interested in how things behave and change in different circumstances and fishing is literally built on that principal”, explained Mikey.


Mikey captures most of his fishing adventures on his YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to here. He even captured the one he was most proud of, “has to be the best day of fishing I’ve ever had in my life – a 49 lbs. + 5 fish limit and we got it all on video.  It was one of those moments when everything just falls into place and for someone who loves this game as much as I do it’s honestly a life defining event that I’ll never forget.” You can watch his biggest catch video here!


Set Up




When it came to switching to lithium, Mikey has no regrets! “The 2 main reasons I made the switch to Battle Born are I’m sick of swapping out trolling motor batteries every year – it’s costly, it’s time consuming, and it takes away from what I should be doing: shooting content.  The second reason is duration.  I’ve fished the grass stacked lakes of Florida to the current driven fisheries of my home in Alabama and I was always running out of juice or losing power when I needed it most.  The consistent power delivery of the Battle Born Batteries allows me to run my trolling motor on high all day long if need be without worrying about slowing down.”


Mikey’s Triton TR189 setup includes a Dual Pro PS4 Professional Series with the reprogrammed Battle Born algorithm and it includes 3 of our Batteries (Model BB10012s) with a Mercury Pro XS.



What does your Battle Born System look like? Remember to like this blog and check out some of the links included! If you have any questions regarding our batteries, give us a call at 855.292.2831 and/or fill out the form on the “Contact” tab on our website. We look forward to getting you out there, so you can stay out there!




  • Jason Oakes | Jul 24, 2019 at 6:58 pm

    I love the idea of all the benefits but for the average fisherman still hoping to hit the motherload so he can fish every day, what is the ROI on these over the standard lifecycles of agm and lead batteries? At the end of the day a comparison chart would be nice to see. Granted different circumstances cause batteries to perform differently but generally speaking for a cycle standpoint…ROI for the average Joe is it worth it.

    • Dianne F | Jul 26, 2019 at 1:27 pm

      Hi Jason,

      Thanks for your comments! We do have a comparison breakdown page on our website, its under “about” and “Battery Breakdown”. This should provide you with some useful data in regards to cost and capacity vs lead acid.

      Thanks again,

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