Overland in the mountains

Overland is a type of vehicle that can take you on and over any road (or lack of road).

That means, with an overland,  the next adventure is always close by. These on or off-road vehicles allow the modern pioneer to venture off the beaten path and focus on their journey. Whether you encounter rough roads, overgrown roads, or no roads at all, an overland will be a reliable vehicle with ample clearance for your adventures.

Overlanding is all about exploration and the remote parts of the map where most don’t dare venture. Modern overland vehicles don’t fit any particular mold or vehicle type, rather they need to be resilient vehicles with the ability to handle any terrain.  

At 31 pounds, Battle Born battery will keep your overland rig light while still being robust and powerful enough to perform over any rough trip. Our batteries give you the ability to fully discharge 100% without risk of damage or memory and come with a 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Our batteries, components, and accessories will allow you to run your LED lights, navigation equipment, radios, and more over the course of your adventure.