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Level 3 | Specialty Technical Training


Wednesday, February 28th 9:00 AM PST

Building Complete Lithium Power Systems for RVs

A full educational training for RV dealers designed to expand their expertise in building complete lithium power systems, including Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries, converters, inverters, solar and additional components, proper and safe system installation, and more.

Lithium Power system inside rv


This course is an RVTI Level 3 Specialty Technical Training.

3 Hour Live Training

RV Electrical Lithium 101 | Batteries, Converters, Inverters, Solar Panels & More

This live, in-depth training will take you through the entire process of building complete lithium power systems for RVs, weighing the advantages of using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for RV systems, evaluating the compatibility and installation of components, and appropriately sizing an RV battery bank based on a customer’s wants and needs.

Battle Born Batteries is an RVTI Accredited Training Provider and hosts this 3-hour Specialty Technician Training course for industry professionals to earn a Level 3 Certification.

What You'll Learn

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Eric Carter Headshot - Technical Specialist at Battle Born Batteries

Eric Carter
Technical Sales Specialist at Battle Born Batteries

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Jesse Asay
Technical Sales Specialist at Battle Born Batteries

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