Rate of Discharge and How does it Effect Capacity of a Battery?

The rate of discharge is how fast you are pulling power from a battery. It’s important to take this into account because most lead acid batteries are rated at a 20-hour rate – meaning the advertised capacity in amp hours is based on the fact that you will pull the power out slowly over 20 hours. If you discharge the battery in 5 hours you will get less energy out of the battery, then you would at 20 hours.

Our LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries will deliver their advertised power even if you discharge them in an hour. Even at a 1C rate the batteries will give you close to 100% of their power. And they will do it thousands of times. A sealed lead acid battery discharged in an hour will give you about 40 amp hours. LFP is a better battery than an AGM battery when it comes to actual battery capacity.