Dual Pro PS2 15 Amp Professional Series & 12 V Outputs Battery Charger


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This Dual Pro Professional Series Battery Charger is for 2 Banks. The Dual Pro Multi-bank is one of the most popular chargers among the bass fishing community. For that reason, we partnered up with Dual Pro to create a charging algorithm specific to our batteries. Check out this video for more information.



This Professional Series Battery Charger is for 2 Banks. Its features are approved for Wet Cell and AGM batteries. Designed for use in fresh and saltwater, dependable, rugged construction and waterproof independent outputs. Fully automatic and multistage charging.

Programmed with our Battle Born Charging Algorithm.

*We will drop ship the item once it is ordered. There is a 7-10 day lead time for processing and ordering*

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Weight14.5 lbs
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