What are the current limits of your BMS?

Our BMS is rated to 3 different levels.

1. 100 amps continuous (1200 watts at 12 volts) – this means you can pull 100 amps out of the battery when you need it until the capacity is all used up. This would be a 1C discharge rate.

2. 200 amps for 30 seconds (2400 watts at 12 volts) – if your device has a surge an individual battery can deliver 2400 watts for 30 seconds.

3. ½ second surge up to the max capacity of the battery. If you have a high momentary over 200 amps the battery will handle this for ½ second.

*Keep in mind that when you have to 2 batteries in parallel you will double these surge numbers, with 4 batteries in parallel you will quadruple these figures.