Introducing Pro Angler Bill Weidler from the Bassmasters Elite series

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Meet our Battle Born Pro, Bill Weidler

At Battle Born batteries we take product quality very seriously, we also value the opinion of our customers.  This year we started a partnership with a professional bass angler.  We could not think of a better opportunity to prove that our lithium ion trolling batteries are the best in the market, than having them torture tested by a professional angler.  Bill Weidler uses our LiFePO4 batteries quite often, in fact he will tell you himself how hard he runs our lithium deep cycle batteries.  We enjoy receiving feedback about the product from our customers, this helps us improve our customer experience and ultimately improve our products.  Check out our recent video from when went fishing with Bill in Guntersville, AL.


Who is Bill Weidler?

Bill Weidler was born and raised in Irondale, Alabama. In high school he was introduced to bass fishing by a close friend, Kyle Castile, a classmate at Shades Valley High School.  Soon after, Bill began competing in small tournaments around town and with friends. He would idolize bass fishing stars of the time, like Kevin VanDam, which eventually gave him enough motivation to try and become a professional angler. This was easier said than done because at the time he could not afford the cost of competing at higher levels.

At the age of 21 years old, he started to work at his family business of Hi-Tech Environmental. Over the next few decades he got involved in all aspects of the business, working as a mechanic and draftsman.  In that same year his mother bought him a 15 ft bass boat as a gift, with a 75hp outboard motor. This was the opportunity Bill needed to expand and compete in smaller tournaments around his hometown and he began to refine his techniques and ideas about fishing.

While still working for the family business, and competing at the same time, at the age of 27, he decided to buy a new boat, a 20-foot Nitro powered boat powered by a 225hp Mercury outboard motor. This is the moment when Bill decided he wanted to become more serious about the sport.

Many years later, after successfully selling the family business, Bill decide to pursue his dream of becoming a professional angler once again, so he started competing in the Bass Master Open Series. He wanted to be able to prove to himself that he was good enough against everyone in the surrounding area.


Conquering the Bassmasters Elite Tour

Today, Bill is living out his dream on the Bassmasters Elite tour. Being a rookie, his first event in the Elite series at the beginning of this year had a troubling start due to new equipment issues. He plans to regain a better footing in April with the next event in April 26-29th in Grand Lake, Grove, Oklahoma, but equipment issues are not the only problems when coming to compete at the new series.

One of the biggest challenges Bill had needed to face, that most rookies face when entering the Elite series, is retaining a title sponsor. When talking to Bill he said “exposure” was never a problem when in the Bass Master Open Series. Successfully selling the family business with his brothers made it so he never had to face this type of adversity previously.

In the Fall of 2017, Bill had a few other offers on the table for a title sponsor, he really wanted to connect with a product and a company that had the same passion about their products that he does for bass fishing.  He wanted to partner with a brand that he could get behind and make an impact.  And he knew the value he would have if he used lithium ion batteries on his trolling motor bank.


Collaborating with Battle Born Batteries

Bill reached out to Battle Born batteries and began to talk with Sean Nichols, one of the co-founders, about their deep cycle lithium ion batteries, which are one of the most popular brands of lithium trolling motor batteries on the market today.  After just a few conversations, Sean decided that he wanted to make Bill a part of the Battle Born family, “After I talked with Bill and felt the passion that he had for bass fishing, I knew this was an excellent opportunity for both of us.”  The next day, Battle Born Batteries signed up to be Bill’s title sponsor on the 2018 Bass Masters Elite tour.




Specifics about Bill’s Boat and Lithium Trolling Motor System

Bill had seen other anglers use deep cycle lithium batteries to power their trolling motors and he wanted to upgrade his brand-new 2018 Triton 21TRX Elite trolling motor battery bank to LiFePO4.   Partnering with Battle Born Batteries gave him the opportunity to install these state of the art, lightweight and powerful batteries.

There are distinct advantages that come with upgrading to lithium ion batteries on a trolling motor bank.  The upgrade removes about 100 lbs. of weight from the boat and more than doubles the stored power for running the trolling motor.

With more power onboard, Bill won’t be worried about ending a day of fishing early because the trolling motor bank is out of power, which commonly happens with lead acid batteries.  He gets to stay out there longer and use the trolling motor the way it was designed.  He no longer has any battery anxiety on the water, so he can solely focus on fishing.  “Last year I was using Group 31 AGM batteries, at 2 events they left me dead in the water at about 1pm, with the Battle Born Lithium batteries I can fish all day and never worry about running out of power.” Bill stays out most days from sunrise to sunset, this is essential when practicing for an event, time on the water helps and with Battle Born batteries on board, he can fish all day.


Bill’s Trolling Motor System

100ah 36-volt Bank – Built with three BB10012’s – 100ah Battle Born 12-volt LiFePO4 batteries.

Pro Charging Systems PS4 Professional Series Marine Quad Pro Four 15 Amp Bank – programmed with the custom Battle Born Batteries algorithm on the 3 channels for the trolling motor.

Custom made Dual Pro Battery monitor




We will continue to follow Bill’s journey throughout the season with videos, personal testimonies about family, and his thoughts about his future in the sport.

You can find Bill Wielder on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter updating daily on his life fishing and is progress throughout.

To find more about our marine Battle Born Batteries you can find them here.


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